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About Redemption Christian Church

Redemption Christian Church in Avondale, Arizona, is a compassionate community that spreads God's Word to others. We aim to make a difference in people's lives by helping them become closer to the Lord.

Pastor Wade Dawson

Headed by experienced preacher Wade Dawson, our Church community has grown to have more members who take part in our mission. He founded the Redemption Christian Church in 2013 after much prayer and reflection. We believe God has given Pastor Dawson the vision to cultivate a ministry that's anointed to declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He illustrates Biblical principles through his life experiences and celebrates God's love through worship. Today, he continues to make positive changes in many people's lives.

Background and Family Life

Pastor Wade was born in Detroit, Michigan. He is the youngest child of loving parents, John R. Dawson Sr. and Helen Estell Dawson. As a student, he attended public schools, both in South Carolina and Michigan, where he grew and opened his eyes to the world. Today, he is a devoted family man to his wife, First Lady Carol Dawson, and their children, Marcus, Jeffrey, Kendrai, Ayanna, Haley, and Daely. Pastor Wade is also an entrepreneur who has owned and operated two businesses.

A Journey in Christian Ministry

While Pastor Wade has always maintained a relationship with God, he only answered His calling to preach in the early '90s. During this time, he became an active member of the Promise Keepers™ movement and began to develop a stronger relationship with Christ. He first served as a lay member in the Baptist Church, helping wherever he was needed. Afterwards, he became a deacon and continued to serve until he received the calling to preach the Gospel.

Studying and Becoming a Minister

In 2004, Pastor Wade became a minister in training under the Abundant Life Christian Church in Mountain Home, Idaho. He then attended the International School of Ministry (ISOM) and received his Associate's Degree in Biblical Studies. Later on, he officially became a minister. In 2005, he became an Ordained Elder who primarily serves under the denominational doctrine of Church of God in Christ.

First Lady Carol Dawson

Lady Carol Dawson was born in Los Angeles, California, and is the fifth child of the late Rev. Joseph Hunter, Jr. and Barbara Hunter.   She is a devoted and loving wife and mother.  Her parents strongly believed in a solid education for their children and because of their support, early on in her career, she was able to attain a B.A in Business Management, and most recently an MBA, from the University of Phoenix.  She also holds, an Executive International Business Certificate from Georgetown University and has been selected to participate in elite programs across the country such as the African American Leadership Institute at UCLA.

In 2004, she was nominated as one of the ten women making history in Idaho.  She actively supports causes that are geared towards giving back to the community and has previously sat on the boards of Idaho Black History Museum, Howard University Hospital Fundraising Committee, Rehoboth Saint Center and Change Lines of CA.    

Born the child of a minister, and attending the Southern Missionary Baptist Church, God has always been the center of her upbringing.  As early as 5 years old, she can remember leaving her mom’s lap, sitting in the congregation, and racing to sit in her Dad’s lap while in the pulpit.

Upon entering young adulthood and moving from LA to Washington D.C., it was important to her to find a new church home.  After much prayer, God lead her to the Fort Foot Baptist Church in Fort Washington, Maryland where she became an active member of the body of Christ.

Eventually relocating from Washington D. C. to Idaho, she met her husband and joined St. Paul Baptist Church, while there, serving in the capacity as Greeter and Usher.  Eventually God saw fit to uproot her from her Baptist roots, to non-denominational.  While a member of Abundant Life Christian Church, she became a part of the Children’s Ministry, Altar workers and Prayer band teams.

In 2008, while attending Antioch Church of God in Christ she took on the official position of Co-Chairman for the Planning and Steering committee, serving alongside Pastor Dawson.  Having served in various departments of the church, she is gifted in the area of administration, exhortation and prayer.